Share Yourself Den Haag (SYDH) is een interactieve middag waar jongeren andere jongeren inspireren en empoweren door het delen van persoonlijke ervaringen. SYDH is opgezet door een handjevol jongeren die geloven in de kracht van verhalen delen. Een van hun doelen is jongeren met verschillende achtergronden bij elkaar willen brengen.
Het was een wonderschone middag met ruimte voor zowel een traan als een lach. Een vol programma met vier inspirerende sprekers aangevuld met dans en muziek. Heel bijzonder is het om te ervaren hoe openheid meer openheid stimuleert en hoe een persoonlijk verhaal meteen tot inspiratie kan leiden. Er zijn vriendschappen gesloten en connecties gemaakt. Share Yourself was een daverend succes; hopelijk komt er een vervolg op deze eerste editie.
SYDH wordt georganiseerd door Hafida Akhlal, Ilias Maatich, Poca7ontas, Ouafa Daouayry, Hizir Cengiz en Stichting Multicultureel Jongeren Geluid. Met steun van Fonds1818<24, KRB Producties, Yamil El Hadj en Dave Zijlstra.

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Portret #1 - Julia
Julia and I met at another job and agreed to take a series of portraits together. We took to an industrial area and took some shots at multiple locations while using different props we found on site. With mostly clouds and the sun coming in now and then we had great lighting to shoot with the Canon 85mm f/1.2L II USM.
The board of Anguilla
These lovely ladies are the new board for student society Anguilla in Amsterdam. We had a great time shooting these group shots and portraits in the centre of Amsterdam. They wanted to have businesslike pictures; but they wanted to retain their sweetness and playfulness. I think we succeeded in creating that feel in the pictures.
Open haven festival IJburg
IJburg is one of the prime examples of how the Dutch learned to live with water. To expand the city this youngest part was created and now it's a vibrant community housing lot's of families. They host a yearly fair in the local harbour with amusement for all ages. I was at the festival as a sound technician but saw time to take a few pictures during the day.
Capturing the city of London
London is a wondrous city filled with street artists, street art, impressive tall buildings and cute markets. I've been there a few times already and it never dissappoints. I love the diversity amongst the people, the way the old and new city blend together and the interaction of people in the streets. The few days I had didn't even come close to being enough to see everything; especially when travelling by foot. I can't wait till next time!
Family #1
For this little trip we went to a small village in Limburg close to Schin op Geul. This area is one of the only with hills in the Netherlands. A beautiful place to be; especially in the summer.
Shootin' in the sand
This series of portrets was shot at a large patch of sand in the middle of the woods near Nunspeet. With the sun providing nice natural light during the sunset we had a lot of fun looking for the right shots.
Portait #2 - Roos
Roos is an longtime friend who wanted a few new portrait pictures for a while now. Since I had a Canon 85mm f/1.2L II USM at my disposal we scheduled a meet. We took to a location near the IJ in Amsterdam. It was pretty windy but letting the wind play with her hair made a few playful shots. We found a little square close by with a a little less wind where we tried a few other shots. Another fun day shooting.
Exploring NDSM #1
NDSM is a decommissioned shipyard in the north part of the city. The remnants of this previous function are all over the place which makes it a great place for photographers. I did some reconnaissance with fellow photographers Thomas Korver and Jeroen Degekamp.
IMC Alumni Study Event 2020
During the Amsterdam Dance Event, HYTE had multiple nights in the Warehouse. This venue in the western part of the city really suits the industrial image of the party. It was turned into an underground mecca with a lineup of house and techno luminaries over the four consecutive nights. We were on site to take a few shots of the hardworking ladies and gentlemen behind the bar.
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